Colored Flames Campfire Color - RV Must Haves!

Colored Flames Campfire Color for the win!

What’s better than family time around the campfire? Rainbow Colored Flames! Turn your boring fire into a rainbow of colors. Comes with 12 packs with an option to get even more at a huge discount. Throw 1 to 3 packs in the fire and enjoy up to an hour of watching your kids’ eyes light up! These are sure to be a hit for campers young to old. For the house-dwellers, these work great in your chimney as well.

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“These were a really fun addition to our camping trip last fall. We saved them for our last night to make our bedtime campfire extra special for the kids. What I didn’t expect was to be so mesmerized by the beautiful colors myself. These lasted for quite a while, I’d say about 45 minutes.”

“Whenever we use these while camping, people oooh and awww. A great conversation starter and a relaxing ambiance. Note: We don’t have kids and we love this product!”

Check out this before and after adding Mystical Fire video by All 4 Festivals on Youtube:

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