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What is the Best RV Winterizing Kit?

It is never a great feeling when it dawns on you that the camping season is coming to an end. This comes with a responsibility to put things in order and ensure that the camper will be ready next time you need it.

A huge aspect of winterizing your RV involves ensuring that the water supply system is protected.  Exposure to freezing weather can cause some serious damage. The plumbing system is vulnerable to cracking as a result of extremely low temperatures. Using the right winterizing kit helps prevent this.

The Camco 36543 is an incredibly affordable pump converter that allows RV owners to bypass the main water supply line and use the water pump to fill the lines with anti-freeze. The kit comes with all the tools needed for a successful installation. In this post, we discuss why the Camco 36543 is a good purchase and how you can use it to winterize your RV.

Camco 36543 Pump Converter RV Winterizing Kit Review

RV Winterizing Kit

With winter season still on forecast, many RV, fifth wheel, and travel trailer owners opt to abandon their on-road shelters for a warmer option. I’m looking at you snowbirds!

But even with the many goodbyes, your RV still needs extra conditioning if it is going to be able to withstand the cold season. Winterizing your motorhome may just be the solution. It eliminates chances of a catastrophic water pipe burst due to freezing.

For DIY lovers, the right tool is all you need for a successful winterized RV, and the Camco RV winterizing kit will help you get there. This simple RV water pump fills your pipes with antifreeze, so you can rest assured that your pipes won’t freeze up and crack.

Key features of the Camco Winterization Kit

The Camco 36543 features some of the basic elements needed to bypass the freshwater supply lines. Every piece is made of high grade material with durable construction. This kit also offers a one-time permanent installation.

For more on each feature lets’ dig in!

The Camco 36543 pump converter system comes complete with hose for siphoning, Teflon tape, brass valve, and pump adapters. However, the system does not include the pump itself, but you can use your water pump or purchase a hand pump.

The flexible siphon hose pipe measures 32inches with a diameter of 0.5inches. The brass valve features a 3-way cap system while the Teflon tape dimensions include 0.5inches wide and 40inches long. Overall the package weighs 0.02 pounds.

Prestone AF222 RV Waterline Antifreeze - 1 GallonThis RV pump converter winterizing kit is compliant with all state and federal low lead laws. It also comes with a one year limited warranty for its different assembly parts and a 30day labor warranty.Best RV Winterizing Kit Options:

Check out the Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit

Prestone RV Waterline Antifreeze

*The pump and antifreeze are sold as separate items.

How To: RV Winterizing Kit Installation Instructions

To begin installation of the Camco 36543 pump converter kit, you need to first disconnect the incoming fresh water pipeline from the pump. Later, attach the three-way brass valve to the suction opening on the pump. If necessary, you may use the sealed female/female adapter.

When tightening refrain from grasping the valve handle with a wrench as it may damage the valve’s interior seal. Once done, connect the waterline to the opposite end of the three-way brass valve.  You may check for leaks or begin operation, turn the handle to open position.

Check out this Installing Water Pump Converter video by Pete’s RV:

How To: Winterize your RV Water Lines

The next step after installing the Camco Pump Converter is to start wintering the water lines. Begin by draining all water in the RV pipe system. This includes the holding tank (black and grey water) and the hot water heater. For this step it is wise to follow your RV’s manufacturer’s step.

Later remove the 3-way valve cap and attach the clear vinyl siphon hose and tighten by hand. Place the opposite end of the siphon hose into your fresh water system antifreeze. Turn the valve’s handle to the by-pass position.

Turn on individual faucet sequentially to allow the antifreeze to flow through. A cup flow into the drain would be enough to protect the traps. Once all the antifreeze is drawn from the container, turn off the pump, detach the siphon hose from the valve and replace it with the cap. Lastly turn the valve’s handle back to open position.


  • The Camco 36543 eliminates the need for a hand pump, allowing for more efficient use
  • It features durable construction, thus ensuring that it serves you for years to come
  • It comes with plenty of useful accessories including 0.5” by 0.5” female coupling, a 3-way cap made from cap, clear siphon hose as well as Teflon tape
  • As per the federal and state laws, this product does not contain lead


  • Some customers on Amazon cited that this pump converter has a tiny opening that restricts flow of water from the tank to the pump, but that did not pose a problem for us.

About Camco Manufacturing

With their headquarters in the US and thousands of products sold across the world, Camco Manufacturing prides itself an industry leader. The company is the brains behind more than 3000 products in several categories including anti-freeze, camping, ATV, marine, cleaners, plumbing, washer fluid, towing, RV and more. It was established in 1966 and at the time, it had only had one employee. Today, Camco has thousands of employees, 3000 products to its name as well as dozens of manufacturing facilities in the United States and the world.

Customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, quality products and superior service are a few of the factors that have contributed to Camco’s success. These foundations are backed by an experienced team of customer service staff that is always ready to answer to enquiries. The company takes pride in meeting the needs of its customers.


Camco RV ProductsThe Camco 36543 Pump Converter kit that is specially designed to ensure that you protect your RV’s water lines from extremely low temperatures every year. It is a permanent installation that uses the water pump to fill the lines with anti-freeze, so you can avoid having to use a hand pump. Its durable construction means that it will serve you for years to come and the included accessories make installation a snap!

One of the most important aspects of preparing your RV for the off-season when you won’t need it entails winterization. The Camco 36543, unlike some other products on the market, allows you to achieve that goal easily and affordably!

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