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What is the Best RV Patio Rug?

Awhile back, our good friends bought an RV Patio Rug by Guide Gear, and they couldn’t be happier! So, why buy patio rug for your RV? Because, no matter where you go, you can set up a nice seating area and make your home away from home, even homier!

First of all, you want to make sure you get one made of woven vinyl because they don’t absorb water when it rains, or pull moisture up through the ground. They also dry pretty quickly and won’t damage the surrounding grass.

The Guide Gear Reversible 9×12′ RV patio rug is much more than a standard mat!. It is constructed of extra durable color-fast polypropylene. This technology defends against harmful sun rays, rainwater, in addition to loads of foot traffic. It can easily fold and store away which makes it ideal for any RV or camping use, including the beach, picnics, or a relaxing concert.

In addition, the weave pattern will give you a delightful design on either side, meaning you can reverse it at your leisure. If you’re worried about it blowing away – don’t! It comes with corner tie-downs that will safely secure it to the ground. Check out the link at the end of the article for stakes.

After you finish, rinse it off and let it air dry, or just shake it off and fold it up. It’s lightweight, so even grandma can help to put it away. No offense grandma :o)

Plus, with over 70 5-star reviews, you can buy with confidence. Many others have purchased before you and took time out of their RV lifestyle to give this RV Patio Rug a stellar review!

Click here to purchase this amazing RV Patio Rug

Also, be sure to pick up some Prest-O-Fit Patio Rug Stakes.

Also, if you’re interested in a 9 x 18 rv patio rug, check out this link, and this video below by RVDayDream:

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