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Tired of hard-to-find spices and disorganized spice racks? Get this RV spice holder storage organizer by YouCopia. With it, you can store and organize up to 30 full size spice bottles, or 60 half size spice bottles. Each of the 3 drawers slides out and drops down for an easy display, and better yet, an easy reach! This rv spice holder is available in either black (shown) or white, so it will match any RV decor.

Includes 96 (48 printed, 48 blank) removable drawer labels for custom organization
Measures 8-5/8″ H x 10-15/16″ D x 12-3/4″ W

With over 1,800 5-star reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong!

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If you like to cook, and have a kitchen full of spice bottles, then you know how much of a pain it is to pull down bottles, trying to find the one you’re looking for. As usual, it’s always way in the back, or you missed it in the hurry to find it!  If you’re anything like me, you probably have too many spices as it is. When we found this, it was literally the perfect solution to our spice mess.

Despite being plastic, it is solidly built and has good weight to it. A friend of ours who recommended it to us has been using hers for over 3 years with no problems. It’s easy to clean, and looks nice.  Once you get all your spices in it, the weight pretty much keeps it in place, but be sure to leave it in a cabinet so it doesn’t slide off your counter while driving, although I’m sure it would be fine.

Another cool feature, is that you get pre-printed labels and blank labels so you can make your own. You can put the label sheet through your printer and enter the label # into Microsoft Word and print whatever you want.

The best thing about this spice bottle organizer for my RV is that I don’t have to worry about purchasing duplicate spices anymore. I can quickly see what I have, instead of wondering what’s hiding in the back. I’m pretty sure I don’t need 3 garlic powders. This ought to save you some money over time on it’s own!

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RV spice holder spicestack storage organizer

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