Hand Warmers by Hot Hands - RV Must Haves!

These Hot Hands Hand Warmers are one of the best RV Must Haves that I keep with me year round!  Whether it’s a cold evening or a snowy winter’s day, these hand warmers will keep your hands toasty for up to 10 hours!  At just 2″ x 3″, these hand warmers are super portable and can be activated at any time.  Once they get warm, they stay warm!  Keep them in your gloves, pockets, shoes, or wherever else you need heat!  Depending on the year and quality of your motorhome, sometimes the insulation is not the best so another trick I use is to throw a pair in my bed, under the sheets, about an hour before I go to bed.  The heat stays in there and it’s nice and toasty when you crawl in for the night.

hand warmers for campingTo start out, I highly recommend the box of 40, which should last you for awhile, plus you get them at a great price!  Make sure you take them out 15 to 30 minutes before you plan on using them as they take that much time to heat up properly.  Also, make sure they are out in the open while they are warming up as they need ambient air to get going, so don’t stick them in your pockets, gloves, or shoes right away.

With over 1,200 5-star reviews on Amazon, you can shop in confidence knowing these hand warmers, which are made in the USA, are far superior to their Chinese knock-off counterparts.

– RV Must Haves

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