RV Outdoor Mats by Clean Machine - RV Must Haves!

Coming up on winter, it’s definitely time to talk about RV Mats! Of course, having a good outdoor RV mat year round is a good idea, but having one in the winter should be high up on your list of RV accessories. Last month, as I was wiping my feet, I realized that we needed to get a new doormat, so I decided to do some research. There are a lot of good looking mats out there, but we settled on the Clean Machine High Traffic RV Doormat.

I wanted to wait a few weeks before recommending the mat, just to be sure, and I can definitely say that this mat definitely deserves the over 400 5-star reviews it has received on Amazon! It’s amazing how well it has cleaned our shoes and kept our motorhome clean – from us and our pets! If you want more information, I have put together some videos below.

RV Outdoor Mats by Clean Machine

Step up to a Clean Machine scraper RV door mat! These are made with genuine astro-turf and definitely stop dirt at the door, before it gets into your motorhome.

Here’s how it works: Thousands of tiny astro-turf blades react to the back and forth motion and quickly remove mud, dirt, and debris from your dirty shoes. Since 1965, astro-turf has proven to be the world’s hardest working doormat. In fact, these RV outdoor mats grab, pull, and hide up to 1 pound of dirt per week! Imagine how much dirt you can keep out of your coach with a Clean Machine guarding the entrance. That’s dirt that could damage your floors or carpeting, and cost you money.

It’s easy to clean this RV outdoor mat: Just raise it up and shake out the dirt. In addition, the Clean Machine is mold and mildew resistant, so it can be rinsed off with water. Also, because the astro-turf color goes all the way through, it can never fade. It looks good, and it works great!

Another great feature of this mat, for us RV fanatics, is that it is heavy enough to not be carried away by the wind.

Check out the Clean Machine RV Mat in action:

Love to Fish? Here’s another great use for these RV mats by Alaska Granny:

Winter is almost upon us, make sure to get yourself the Clean Machine outdoor RV mat asap! Also, be sure to check out our choice for the best RV Rug.

-RV Must Haves

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