Maxxair RV Vent Cover - RV Must Haves!

This is the highly rated Maxxair Original RV vent cover that protects the interior of your motorhome from rain and hail. The Original RV vent cover features an exclusive Zero-Leak mounting system super-tough one piece design that eliminates the necessity to drill any holes in your RV and mounts on most popular 14 inch x 14 inch standard roof vents. Maxxair offers a six-year limited warranty.

With over 300 5-star reviews, this RV vent cover is guaranteed to perform!

It’s a great product because it does three things well. First, it allows warm air to exit your coach, as intended. Second, it keeps even the heaviest rain from entering your RV. A third benefit, and my favorite, is if you leave the vent open while traveling, this device prevents the vent from damage at normal interstate driving speeds. Without this cover your vent would likely become roadside trash as it would certainly be damaged and maybe even separated from your trailer completely on a long drive. For that feature alone it is well worth the money!

Check out this Maxx Air Vent Cover Review by RV Education 101:

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