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RV tire covers, or no RV tire covers?

If you’ve ever wondered why you should use RV tire covers, then you’re in luck, because I recently had this same question and decided to do some research.

For starters, not everyone agrees that you should cover your RV tires. Big shocker there, right? I have read many arguments for and against tire covers, but it boils down to this for me: 1) Tires are exposed to sun everywhere you go. 2) Sun damages rubber, even synthetic modern tires.

camco rv wheel coversWith that in mind, why not cover your tires when you park for a long period of time? The cost for a good set of tire covers is cheap. I’m talking under $20 for two tire covers. At that cost, what have you got to lose? Not much, with potentially a lot to gain.

As you drive, your tires naturally flex and expand allowing UV protectant oils within the rubber to move their way towards the surface, protecting the tire from sun damage. However, if you leave your RV or travel trailer sitting for months at a time, then the oils will cease to work their way to the surface and the sun will begin to damage the tires and erode their lifespan.

When you think about the lifespan of an RV tire, you should get anywhere from 7 – 10 years of use, depending on the brand, and provided you have them inspected at least yearly after the 7th year to ensure they are still in good operating condition (see video below for more info). If you’ve seen what a year of UV sun damage can do to a rubber hose, then you’ll know that without covering your tires as often as possible, then you are likely never going to get the full use out of them.

If it was just about the cost of the tires, that would be one thing, but it’s also about safety, and the cost of any repairs you may face due to a tire blowout – which can be VERY expensive!

Camco RV Tire Covers

camco rv tire covers easy installationI recommend picking up a few sets of Camco 45321 vinyl tire protectors. With over 1,000 5-star reviews, these RV wheel covers are built to last and come in 6 different sizes, and 3 different colors (black, white, off-white), depending on your needs:

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303 UV Tire Protection: Sunscreen for Tires!

303 UV Tire Protectant - RV Tire ProtectionIn addition to, or in lieu of, RV tire covers, you also have the option to use a UV tire protectant. I recommend using 303 Aerospace Protectant. Aside from having over 1,300 5-star reviews, this product also has amazing benefits and features:

  • A matte finish without any greasy or oily residue
  • Will keep your rv tire surfaces looking new
  • Prevents cracking and fading of your motorhome, or travel trailer tires.
  • Rejuvenates faded luster and color
  • Contains Powerful UV blockers

If you still need convincing, just take a look at these glowing reviews on Amazon!

Check out this video from RVGeeks for more info:

-RV Must Haves!

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