SPOT Trace GPS Tracker - RV Must Haves!

Your entire life is sitting on wheels and could be gone at a moments notice. Fortunately, you now have the power to track your RV anywhere, using the SPOT Trace GPS Tracker!  

Here’s how:

RV security anti theft spot trace gps trackerOnce you activate and turn on your SPOT Trace GPS Tracker, it will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network. It then automatically sends its current GPS location to the satellites. These satellites will relay the message back to a ground network, which will then route the message to your computer or phone.

SPOT Trace GPS Tracker will allow you to monitor your RV, motorhome, boat, trailer, car, or anything you attach it to, and track its movement in near real-time via Google Maps™. Through the use of satellite technology, SPOT Trace can communicate from some of the most remote locations around the world. Now you can trace any valued item if it goes missing, around the world, almost instantaneously!

How to get your Spot Trace GPS Tracker discount:

The best part is, it’s on sale! If you purchase a SPOT Trace GPS Tracker for at least $99.95, before 09/14/2015, then you can submit a mail-in-rebate (found here) to get a 50% discount. Or, you can submit the form online here. Please note, purchases from eBay, Amazon, or other secondary distribution sources are not eligible for this rebate.

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about the Spot Trace GPS Tracker and it’s amazing abilities:

Please Note: There is a service plan in addition to purchasing the device. You can either choose to pay $9.99 per month for tracking and alert notifications or save some money and purchase a yearly plan for $99.99. Also note, purchases from eBay, Amazon, or other secondary distribution sources are not eligible for this rebate.

Here is what you get with the SPOT Trace GPS Tracker Service:

The service will automatically send an SMS text or e-mail with your asset’s GPS coordinates as soon as movement is detected. You will be able to view the asset’s GPS coordinates anytime, on the web or via the Spot Trace app. This basic service will allow you to track anything you attach the SPOT Trace GPS tracker to every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. You can also customize your Trace dock mode, status updates: low battery or power down, and movement alerts.

And, if you’re in the mood for a cute video, check this one out:

Click here to get your SPOT Trace GPS Tracker today!

-RV Must Haves

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