RV Water Pressure Regulator - RV Must Haves!

The first thing you need when you get to a campsite is an RV water pressure regulator. Your RV water lines are designed to handle up to 100 PSI but some campsites have water pressure much higher than this. This can cause your RV or travel trailer to spring a leak where you are unable to see it, which as you already know, can be disastrous! To be safe, you should always use an RV water pressure regulator when connecting to any water source.

Why use an RV Water Pressure Regulator?

Valterra (A01-1122VP) Lead-Free Water RegulatorThis fixed pressure regulator allows more water than your standard regulator and offers more solid and reliable construction than their counterpart adjustable RV water pressure regulator, which costs much more. It is fixed at 50 to 55 PSI, but many users report an average of 52 PSI. Your standard in-line water pressure regulator usually runs at 45 PSI. It might not seem like much, but the added 5 to 10 PSI that this offers is enough to let you shower comfortably while someone is running the kitchen sink at the same time.

The orange plastic grip allows for easy installation and removal, so this will be an easy addition to your RV Must Haves arsenal.

Check out this educational video by ValterraLLC

With over 190 5-star reviews on Amazon, you can purchase in confidence knowing this part will last you for years! You can try others, but this one works the best.

– RV Must Haves

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