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steep grade mountain passAre you prepared for huge mountain passes while driving? What about Steep Grades? Extreme Drop Offs? Of the 700 mountain passes and steep grades in these two books, the author has personally driven about 95% of them. It was the only way to get accurate information about signs, curves, escape ramps, speed limits, shoulders, number of lanes, and many other details that are important to drivers of large or heavy vehicles. Are you prepared for what lies ahead? With these guides, you will be. Mountain Passes and Steep Grades Directory is definitely an RV Must Have!
There is an old saying amongst truckers. “There are two kinds of drivers — those who’ve been in trouble on a mountain pass, and those who will be.” As an RV driver, this also applies to you as RVs and trucks have the same problems with engine power, weight, and braking on steep terrain.
USA Steep GradesImagine barreling down a steep mountain in your RV.
If only you’d known ahead of time that this highway had a steep grade lying in wait. A definite surprise! You anxiously grip the steering wheel while the engine revs trying to hold back all of this weight, brakes smoking, but the harder you push the brake pedal, the faster your RV goes.
You only have a few options: slam into therock wall or plummet off the side trying to make the next turn. If you’re lucky, you make it safely to the bottom, pull over, with your heart pounding and give your partner that look of relief. If only you knew what you were getting yourself into.

Mountain Passes in the United StatesOn the other hand, sometimes you just have trouble getting up those steep mountain climbs. Especially when the temperature is nearing 100 degrees and you can barely climb in first gear. Your transmission temperature is rising and you start to smell something funny. Do you pull over and let the engine cool off or keep pushing to the top? You start wishing you unhooked the
toad before climbing the hill. With the mountain directory, you’ll be able to.

I’ve heard many horror stories about the above two scenarios. Not to mention the very expensive repairs to the drive train. In extreme cases, entire motorhomes are lost, and sadly, even lives. An Oregon Highway Patrol Officer said that one RV per week burns to ash attempting to climb the Cabbage Hill on I-84 east of Pendleton. The nearest fire department is many miles away and usually don’t show up in time to save the coach.

Mountain Passes Directory booksA lot of RV owners believe that the east coast is not as serious as the west coast when it comes to mountain passes and steep grades, but that is simply not the case. While the west has taller mountains, the issue is in the elevation drop, not the heght of the mountain. Descending from 4000′ to 1000′ over 10 miles is the same as descending from 10,000′ to 7000′ over 10 miles; an average of 6%. Not to mention, a majority of grades in the west are roughly 6% while the east holds 8%, 9%, 10% and occasionally, even more!
Needless to say, whether you’re an experienced RVer, or just a beginner, this small monetary investment can save you costly repairs, your e
ntire RV, or your life.

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