RV Tire Pressure Monitor TPMS - RV Must Haves!

This RV Tire Pressure Monitor System (RV TPMS) will allow you to monitor up to 6 tires, whether they are all on your motorhome or 4 on your RV and two on your toad. It includes a dash mounted monitor that will show you the current tire pressure and temperature of all tires. Whenever there is any unusual tire position or tire pressure, the built-in alarm will alert you with icons, a red light, as well as an audible warning. Not to mention, the system is easy to install and will only take roughly 15 minutes!

Features of the RV Tire Pressure Monitor System (RV TPMS)

tire pressure monitor for rvA great feature of the Tire-Safeguard 6 RV Tire Pressure Monitor System is the ability to adjust the warning levels for high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, and axle pressure warnings. For each tire, you simply install a light weight external cap sensor on the tire valve stem. Each .45oz sensor is waterproof and has an easily replaceable battery.

Because the RV Tire Pressure Monitor is portable and uses a rechargeable battery, you can mount the monitor on your dash or anywhere else you find convenient inside of your RV. You don’t have to worry about installing a signal booster with this system because the sensor signals have a long range which is more than enough for your standard RV and toad.

Best of all, the Tire-Safeguard TPMS was developed by HCI in the USA by in-house engineers and all of their products are manufactured in their own factories! Rest assured knowing your tires are properly inflated and monitored. Easily keep an eye out for slow leaks and creeping temperatures.

After much research, I recommend replacing your tire valves with steel ones and non-flow through caps. To install, simply turn on the monitor first and wait five minutes to start adding the sensors in the order pre-labeled by the factory (from 1 to 6). The system will cycle through each tire and display the current temperature and pressure. If everything is good-to-go you will see a green status light. To test, simply remove a sensor from one of the tires and you should hear an audible alarm with 3 seconds.

AVOID A TIRE BLOWOUT – see video by Chris & G Travels:

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Protect yourself & your family. Be safe out there!

– RV Must Haves

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