Ultra Thin Space Saving Hangers - RV Must Haves!

These ultra thin space saving hangers will give you added room in your motorhome closets for maximum clothing storage space.  Each velvet hanger in this set of 50 is capable of holding up to 10 lbs and designed with notched corners to prevent slippage.

space saving hangers for rv closetLike many others, I have doubled the amount of clothing I can fit into the same space. As we all know, our closet space is at a premium, so anything that can improve the storage is definitely a must have. Not only that, these hangers are very sturdy and we have not experienced any issues with “velvet dust” as a few reviewers have described.

If you’re a little obsessive (like myself), an added bonus is the swiveling neck. No matter which way you put them in, you can easily swivel them around so everything faces the same direction. Also, these hangers to leave shoulder bumps like some of the cheaper plastic ones.

With over 1,800 5-star reviews and Amazon’s amazing refund policy, you can be rest assured that these ultra thin space saving hangers will work out great in your RV or travel trailer!

Mini review by Witt:

– RV Must Haves

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