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You may already know this, but if for some reason you didn’t get the memo, be warned that more than half of ALL RV, 5th Wheel, and Travel Trailers use the SAME storage compartment key! Take a look at yours. Is it labeled CH751 or ES201? If so, then thousands of others have a key to your storage compartments!


For example, most class A, B and C recreational vehicles including diesel pushers, motorhomes, fifth-wheels, campervans, popup campers, truck campers, travel trailers, hybrid trailers, toterhomes and toy haulers ALL use the CH751 or ES201 key for their storage compartments. Even truck-bed toolboxes and garage doors all across the United States use this same key.

Granted, I like to believe that most of RV’ers are trustworthy, but this key is so common that almost anyone could have a copy. With just this small amount of knowledge, thieves could steal your belongings while parked overnight at a campsite, in your driveway, in storage, or anywhere else you leave your RV unwatched for any length of time.

The only real way to protect yourself from this threat is to change your tubular security locks with a model that does not use the CH751 or ES201 key. To do this, you must first measure the size of your existing locks using the image below as a reference. Standard tubular lock sizes are 5/8″, 7/8″, 1 1/8″, 1 1/2″. You may also need to measure the offset or inset – see image on right.

Measuring your tubular lock - CH751 warningMeasuring tubular lock offset -CH751

The second step is to purchase and replace your existing CH751 & ES201 locks with new non-ch751 or non-es201 locks. For reference, check out the available options below:

RV Compartment Tubular Locks on

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Check out this helpful video by RVProject:

RV Compartment Tubular Locks on

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