RV Water Hose - Safe for Drinking - RV Must Haves!

Every RV must have an RV water hose specifically designed for safe water drinking. This premium rv water hose by Camco is designed to be safe as well as rugged.  This heavy duty is is 20% thicker than your standard drinking water hose and is lead free, BPA free, phthalate free, and the best part:  It won’t leave a strong plastic taste in your drinking water like most other hoses!

RV Water Hose

In addition, this RV water hose is the perfect length for your motorhome camping needs.  Not too short like the 10 footers, and not too long like the 50′ hoses.  At 25′, you’ve got the perfect length for all your freshwater hookup needs.RV Water Hose

With coiled metal connectors, you don’t have to worry about your hose pinching or leaking.

As an added bonus for fans of America, this product is made in the USA!

The only thing you might have to worry about with this hose is having it stolen!  With over 950 5-star reviews on Amazon, you can be certain that this is the rv water hose for you!

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– RV Must Haves

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