Scratch Off Maps of the USA - RV Must Haves!

Scratch Off Maps of the USA to Track your Adventures!

Want a cool and fun way to keep track of your RV adventures? Take these United States Scratch Off Maps with you! It’s a great size and will look cool hanging on your wall, whether at home, or in your motorhome.

It also doubles as a great teaching tool for the Scratch Off Maps USAkids. Show them where they are, and let them enjoy the thrill of scratching off another state. Pretty soon, it’ll all be done, but don’t throw it away. Frame it!

In addition, this makes a great gift for RVers as well as regular (boring) folk.

North America is a big ole place with loads of cool things to see and amazing places to go. It’s also full of people who love the original Luckies Scratch Map and keep asking them to design a version specifically for the United States.


The foil top layer features a subtle Stars and Stripes design and when you scratch off the places you’ve visited, a vibrant world of geographical detail is revealed beneath. The result is a totally unique and authentic record of your journeys to hang on the wall (frame not included). The USA Scratch Map comes packaged in a beautifully designed card tube and measures 33.1 x 23.4 inches (841 x 594mm) when flat.

More information, but useful nonetheless

Be forewarned – this product is tough!

Don’t worry about accidentally scratching off a location you have yet to visit. Scratching off a state requires some serious effort, possibly even too much, but it can be done. Personally, I find it easier to scratch off if it’s laying down on a table or hard surface where you can apply some pressure to it. If you try to scratch it off while it’s hanging up on the wall, you might face more of a challenge.

I also recommend picking up a frame for it so you can easily put it up and take it down to scratch off. Plus, things just look nicer in a frame.

Before you know it, you’ll have a really good bird’s eye view of your travels. So, next time you’re planning a trip, you can just look at your map and immediately see where you haven’t been yet. This makes planning a lot easier, and also a lot more fun for the kids. You might even find yourself going slightly off course just so you can scratch off a new state. After that, move on to the Scratch Map of the WORLD!

Check out this video by Luckies London: U.S.A. Scratch off Maps

Click here to buy one, or a few, United States Scratch off Maps by Luckies.

While we’re on the topic, do you want to really make the kids smile? These colored flames that add color to your campfire are always a HUGE hit around here.

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