Lunch Boxes for Adults - RV Must Haves!

Lunch Boxes for Adults.. Why not?

If you’re wondering why the need for cool lunch boxes for adults, then wonder no longer. I am here with all of the answers!

Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I miss those cool lunch boxes I used to have as a child? Remember having a metal batman or superman lunchpail with a matching thermos nested inside? Wasn’t that the coolest? Showing up for lunch, opening up your work of art, and being the envy of your friends. All the while, eating some good pb&j to boot!

Well, it might be a little embarrassing to roll with the same setup today, but if you think about it, you could do something similar. Something more… adult. Why not? That’s what I say

These Black and Blum Stackable Lunch Boxes for Adults are the answer, and they are AMAZING!

It’s the perfect size for taking breakfast, lunch, or dinner with you when you’re out and about exploring the country. When you return, they are dishwasher safe, stackable, and can be stored in a small space. Every RV owner knows the pains of limited storage space. Not to mention, you can also use them in the microwave.

No need to fear, Black and Blum lunch pots are here!

But don’t just take my word for it!

Check out this video by The Grommet that shows the thought & design quality instilled in every Black & Blum product.

What was that? You don’t care about style? No worries. These lunch boxes serve more purpose than just looking sleek & stylish. They also do this crazy thing where they keep your food stored neatly, and provide you with not only storage, but a bowl, and a fork all wrapped up into this practical & utilitarian package.

Another great benefit of these cool lunch boxes is prepping your meals for the next day. Next time you’re cooking dinner, and you have left overs, be sure to divide them up into these cool stackable lunch pots. Take them outside, sit in the cool shade of your RV awning, and have yourself some leftovers in style!

Or, cook your entire menu for the week on a Sunday night. Then, individually sort out every meal and have it ready to go when your hunger boils up to the surface.

But don’t worry – These lunch boxes for adults, are also great for everyone in your family!

You can also pair these with other designs in the stackable lunch pots series by Black & Blum AND there are multiple color options, not just green and white:

stackable cool lunch boxes for adultscool lunch pots for adultslunch pails for grown upscool lunchboxes for adults

Click here to buy these Black & Blum Stackable Lunch Pots from

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– RV Must Haves

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