Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Set USA - RV Must Haves!

What camping trip is complete without a home cooked meal on the campfire?  Lets admit it, even though our RV’s have a built in kitchen, we still like to get back to our roots every once in awhile and cook out in nature.  We all know that cast iron is one of the best ways to cook outdoors, so why not get yourself this amazing pre seasoned cast iron set!

Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Set Made in the USA

Made in the USA, with it’s high quality, you can be sure that heat is evenly distributed when used over an open camp fire.  The heavy lid does a great job of keeping your meal moist, tender, and juicy throughout the cooking process.  This set includes a 10.5″ round griddle, 8″ skillet, 10.25″ skillet, 5-Qt. Dutch oven and a10.25″ iron cover.

Don’t settle for ordinary pots and pans that get cold seconds after removing them from the fire.  With cast iron, your food will stay warm much longer!  Not to mention, cast iron is easy to clean and will hold up to the test of time.  Hell, you could even use it for self defense!

With OVER 900 5-Star Reviews, you can be rest-assured that this pre seasoned cast iron set is AMAZING and will last you a lifetime!

Check out this video tour of the Lodge Cast Iron Foundry in South Pittsburg, Tennessee:

-RV Must Haves

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