Mini Washing Machine for RV - RV Must Haves!

No washing machine? Not enough electricity? No worries! With this mini washing machine for your RV you can wash a load of clothes anytime, anywhere. The Panda is small, compact, portable, and has a washing capacity of 5.5 lbs. It’s the ideal mini washing machine for small loads of laundry and your delicate items. Best of all, it’s easy to operate, powerful, and you don’t have to stick quarters in it. This is a great gift for any RV owner, college student in the dorms, apartment, or for the super frugal van dwellers.

This is also great for boondocking on solar. Save electricity, save water, save money!

Check out the Panda mini washing machine for RV review from below :

We also recommend the Nina Soft Spin Dryer which you can check out here.

If that review wasn’t enough to get you excited, then be sure to read one of over 270 5-star reviews of the Panda mini washing machine on

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