Best RV Windshield Covers Guide - RV Must Haves!

RV Windshield covers offer plenty of privacy, and also do a great job of protecting your camper from damage by weather-related elements. With millions of RV owners, part-time and full-time, you’d think that shopping for an RV windshield cover would be easy.

But like every consumer product, one is bound to get overwhelmed by the many choices available, as well as the hoards of information that can be found online. Having experienced my fair share of difficulties shopping for RV covers in the past, I felt obligated to put together this guide.

Types of RV Windshield Covers

Sunguard Best RV Windshield CoverRV covers are available in a variety of types, depending on the size and dimensions of your motorhome (Class A, Class C, etc), and plenty of individualized options. This gives you the opportunity to fully protect your RV from weather-related elements.

Whether you have a Class A diesel pusher, or a Class B motorhome, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

You can opt for exterior windshield covers that latch down with snaps, twist locks, magnets, or even velcro. There’s also interior shades like motorized rv shades, accordion, draw-string shades, curtains, etc. Just like a real home!

However, in this post, I’m mainly going to focus on covers for your front windshield. Most RV sun shades are designed to help protect the dashboard from cracking & splitting by reducing UV rays and also giving you privacy when you’re ready to settle in for the night, or even while you’re enjoying your day.

Benefits of RV windshield covers

For the most part, the benefits of using an RV front window cover are self-evident: UV protection, privacy, extending the life of your RV, etc. However, you might want to read this section to gain a little bit of insight into why.

UV Sun Protection to Stop Heat Related Damage

Excessive heat is one of the most damaging weather-related problems when it comes to RVs. Plastic components like shower panels, toilets, refrigerator handles and vents are adversely affected when your RV is exposed to direct sun-light and resulting high temperatures.

This can be a problem whether you’re using the RV, or have it parked in storage.

In addition to protecting your RV from UV rays, RV front window sun shades help protect your camper from heat-related damage by keeping your RV cool. By reflecting the sun’s rays, the interior of your motorhome will stay a little bit cooler. Some even up to 40 degrees cooler!

Who doesn’t want that?

Proper Sun Guard RV Windshield Covers will also Protect your Coach from Moisture Damage

You don't want your RV to rust!If you weren’t aware, or haven’t already experienced it, plastic tarps can WRECK your RV. The problem with these tarps is that they trap water and moisture under the tarp, causing your prized possession to rust. Everybody knows rust is bad, and it’s even worse on an RV!

With proper RV exterior window shades and RV covers, specially designed for this purpose, you won’t have to worry about moisture build-up and the damage it can cause.

RV Sun Guards, Sun Shades, RV Curtains, & Covers Provide Privacy

Imagine, for a moment, you set up camp, bbq with your neighbors, and tell stories around a campfire. Soon enough, it’s bed time, and you’re ready to head inside. I always refer to this as “me time”, when I can just shut out the world for a bit and relax inside my motorhome.

The last thing I want to think about is people looking in, while I walk around in my tighty-whities! Having a front windshield cover , along with drawn shades on your side windows, is just the privacy you need. Personally, I prefer motorized shades, but we can’t all afford every high end RV product.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best RV Windshield Covers

Whether you simply value your privacy or want protection again the scorching sun, RV windshield covers are a great addition to your mobile home. With no shortage of options in the market, keeping the following in mind helps narrow down your search.

Type of RV and Model

The most important consideration one has to make when it comes to purchase of a camper windshield cover is the type of RV model they own.

Remember,  there is no one-size-fits-all RV windshield cover.

Ensure that your preferred fit takes the rearview mirrors, as well as wiper blades, into consideration. In such a case, something with openings, cutout areas and loops that accommodates mirrors is a plus. Some covers with wraparound fabrics aren’t as effective, especially when they are exposed to strong winds that will cause them to tear.

RV Attachment Mechanism

Many RV windshield covers from Amazon feature magnetic attachments, suction cups, straps or other installment mechanisms that aren’t very complicated. While external camper windshield covers getting stolen isn’t a real threat, it doesn’t hurt to purchase something that comes with anti-theft tabs or straps that attach inside the motor home.

For simplicity, button down, twist & lock, ez snap, and Velcro are the best options.

Windshield Cover Fabric Material

Your windshield cover should constructed with a durable material that is waterproof, protects against damage by the sun and offers plenty of privacy.

Depending on your needs, there are plenty of options to choose from:

Vinyl is the best, as it offers 100%  protections from damage by the sun. However, improved efficiency also means that is pricey. The material is also resistant to mold, mildew and sulfide. It is the preferred option for those who need complete privacy.

Vinyl coated with polyester is also a great option if you need quality at a bargain. Other materials used for making windshield covers include Protex and Suntex.

Price of Protection

Cost of RV Windshield Covers for sale

The cost of motorhome windshield covers can range widely, depending on the size and type of your rig and the material used.

Other important questions when shopping for windshield covers are:

  • How long do you plan on keeping your RV?
  • How much privacy do you need?
  • What is your budget?

The answers to the above questions will play a vital role in narrowing down your choices considerably.

The Best RV Windshield Covers for Class C Motorhomes:

Classic Accessories 80-035-212307-00 RV Windshield Cover [amazon_link asins=’B001A7RP32′ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’528f6593-0563-11e7-a028-6d0cf60c3693′]

TClassic Accessories 80-035-212307-00 Snow White RV Windshield Coverhe Classic accessories 80-035-212307-00 is designed to keep your RV model eight sun-proof, while giving you the privacy needed when out on the road. Its vinyl construction is impermeable to water content making highly durable. The snow white cover extends to cover both the windshield and side windows. Installation is hassle free with straps for top fix and magnetic fastenings for the bottom. You get a three year warranty just in case the package comes with a flaw.


  • Vinyl material is highly durable.
  • Provides exceptional sunshade while keeping your RV interior cool.
  • Offers optimal privacy
  • Covers both windshield and side windows.
  • Doesn’t have screws, drillings or snaps
  • The magnetic fastenings and straps are easy to install.
  • Anti-theft tabs make the windshield cover burglarproof.


  • Magnetic fastenings on the side windows aren’t strong enough for windy environment.
  • Flapping in the wind can make an annoying noise.

ADCO 2409 RV Cover [amazon_link asins=’B001FCG7XG’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8ad3b199-0563-11e7-bdff-4de5a10a11bc’]

Adco 2409 RV CoverGain privacy and sun-shade for you class C RV motorhome with the ADCO 2409 windshield cover. This protective covering is designed using extra heavy-duty vinyl material for maximum durability. It is easy to install thanks to its magnetic fasteners and the windshield protector also comes with a storage bag for safe keeping when not in use. Another amazing feature of the 2409 is the three year warranty in case of a malfunction in the product. Overall, this is a perfect alternative to the expensive window awning if you are planning on keeping your RV interior cool and private.


  • Constructed with the highest levels of durability thanks to the extra heavy-duty vinyl material.
  • Class C one-size-fit-all windshield that can be customized to your liking.
  • The Chevy lineup windshield features special mirror cut-outs.
  • Hassle free installation with zero screws, snaps or drilling.
  • Protects your RV interior from UV rays and preying eyes.
  • Covers both windshield and side windows.
  • Includes storage bag for safe keeping when not in use.
  • Anti-theft tabs make the windshield cover burglarproof.


  • Suffers the common defect of non-strong magnetic fastenings, that can cause annoying flapping during windy days.

ADCO 2507 Clear RV Windshield Cover [amazon_link asins=’B003YJK5FY’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’52ebaf2f-0566-11e7-bbbc-89e992246a08′]

ADCO 2507 Clear RV Windshield CoverAnother amazing series from ADCO is the 2507 see-through class C windshield covers that keep your RV interior cool and covered away from the sun rays. This extra heavy deluxe see-through vinyl white in color covering matches many exterior finishes on most RVs. It is particularly designed for the Ford 350 and 450 series. The ADCO 2507 surely provides the privacy you need when out on the road.


  • Extra Heavy-duty deluxe vinyl matches many RV paint finish.
  • This Class C- Ford 350 and 450 windshields cover line features special mirror cuttings.
  • Waterproof Vinyl that protects your dashboard from cracking or fading due to sun exposure.
  • Features special tabs that attach inside the RV for safety purpose.
  • Three years warranty.
  • Includes storage bag for safe keeping when not in use.
  • The magnetic fasteners are hassle free installation with no screws, drilling or snap.


  • The cover does not include a one-size fit-all feature.
  • It does not hold well in windy conditions.

ADCO 2509 Clear RV Windshield Cover [amazon_link asins=’B003ZOL4SK’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5f41cc46-0566-11e7-88d1-7958305f2b20′]

ADCO 2509 Clear RV Windshield CoverThe ADCO 2509 Clear RV Windshield cover is designed with the utmost precision for an overall sun-proof protection when travelling. The Vinyl cover material is heavy duty and fortified against water elements that may degraded its durability. This class C windshield cover is mostly associated with Chevy and it offers special mirror cut-outs.


  • Covers Class C and class B RVs.
  • The Chevy lineup feature special mirror cut-outs.
  • Waterproof heavy duty Vinyl material for durability.
  • Hassle free installation with no screws, snaps or drilling involved.
  • Protects the dashboard and the RV interior from UV rays and preying eyes
  • Magnetic fasteners for easy on and off installation
  • Features special tabs that attach inside the RV for safety purpose
  • Includes storage bag for safe keeping when not in use


  • The magnetic fasteners don’t hold strongly enough during harsh windy days.

Classic Accessories 80-RV Windshield Cover Models [amazon_link asins=’B000JXVA2A’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’69d996a1-0566-11e7-badc-8d0341d710d6′]

Classic Accessories 80-RV RV Windshield Cover Models: Model 6, Color: Snow WhiteFor cool interiors in summer’s heat, you might want to try the Classic Accessories 80-RV Windshield cover model. This windshield cover for your Class C RV keeps your privacy away from preying eyes. It is made using high grade material that is waterproof for maximum durability. The windshield cover comes in an attractive snow white color that suited different RVs shades. Overall, this is one amazing windshield cover you may want to buy.


  • Designed for RV model 6- Ford 2004 and Class C RVs
  • The waterproof Vinyl protects your dashboard from cracking or fading due to sun exposure.
  • Hassle free fast easy fit.
  • Sized to fit mini motor homes and full-sized vans.
  • Features special tabs that attach inside the RV for safety purpose
  • Includes storage bag for safe keeping when not in use.


  • Even though it secures to door with straps, the bottom magnetic fasteners don’t hold for long during windy conditions.

ADCO 2407 Windshield Cover [amazon_link asins=’B0002F68JK’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’753993ab-0566-11e7-822a-3794872c2172′]

ADCO (2407) Windshield CoverThe ADCO 2407 is a great investment for anyone who wants to achieve optimum sun protection as well as privacy for a Class C Mini RV. Constructed from extra heavy-duty vinyl, the 2407 covers the windshield as well as the side windows of your RV. The magnetic fasteners have anti-theft tabs and allow for easy on/off. The windshield cover comes with a Polar White pouch for easy storage when not use. It does not have drillings, screws or snaps.


  • It is constructed with durable, heavy-duty vinyl material
  • Provides excellent protection against the sun
  • Offers maximum privacy
  • Covers both windshield and side windows
  • Doesn’t have screws, drillings or screws
  • Comes with magnetic fastenings for easy installment
  • Features anti-theft tabs
  • It comes with a storage pouch


  • The magnetic fastenings that hold the 2407 to the door aren’t strong enough for strong winds. They end up flapping thus making an annoying noise.

ADCO 2405 Polar White Windshield Cover [amazon_link asins=’B0002F68IQ’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’98ce9daf-0566-11e7-9c49-3b1fda543f53′]

ADCO 2405 Polar White Windshield CoverThe ADCO 2405 Polar white windshield cover is a great fit for mini motorhome owners who want the privacy of a real home as well as protection from the harsh sun rays.


  • Extra Heavy-duty deluxe vinyl that matches many RV paint finish.
  • Features Class C- Mini motorhome (Fits Ford 1992-2005 ) windshield protectors.
  • Waterproof extra heavy-duty Vinyl protect your dashboard from cracking or fading due to sun exposure.
  • Hassle free – no screws, no snaps and no drilling involved during installation.
  • Protects the dashboard and the RV interior from UV rays and preying eyes.
  • Magnetic fasteners for easy on and off installation.
  • Features special tabs that attach inside the RV for safety purpose.
  • Includes storage bag for safe keeping when not in use.
  • Three years limited warranty.


  • The magnetic fasteners don’t hold strongly enough during harsh windy days.

The Best RV Windshield Covers for Class A Motorhomes:

ShadeMaster Windshield Cover [amazon_link asins=’B00JH4A9RY’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8281154c-0566-11e7-a38e-ebf63dc11c5a’]

ShadeMaster Windshield CoverThe ShadeMaster Windshield cover is an ultra-light sun shield that keeps the privacy in away from the world. This dashboard cover is a combination of quality craftsmanship and state-off-the-art materials. The ShadeMaster eliminates glare and heat from inside your RV while providing excellent viewing during daytime; you can see the world but the world can’t see you. For total privacy, you can close the drapes especially when it is nighttime.


  • Hassle free DIY installation.
  • Protects the dashboard and the RV interior from UV rays and preying eyes
  • Features nickel plated twist fasteners with stainless steel button snaps or stainless steel screws.
  • Includes passenger’s and driver’s side window covers, storage bag and wiper blade covers.
  • The windshield cover offers a 12year warranty.

Sunguard Windshield Covers SG100 (Black) [amazon_link asins=’B06WP7559H’ template=’CurrentPrice’ store=’rvmuha-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’867d47de-067f-11e7-acf3-91257d9c9f2f’]

Sunguard Windshield Covers SG100 (Black)Sunguard RV Windshield covers completely block out the sun while allowing you to retain your view out from the inside. Better than  that, they will put an end to sun rot, keep the inside of your Class A RV cool (up to 40 degrees cooler), plus, they will give you great privacy in the daytime.

With well over 100,000 happy customers of Sunguard windshield covers, you can be certain knowing you are buying a quality product, backed by a reputable company. If you haven’t already, I suggest you test one out for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much of the sun’s heat they block, saving your air conditioner and generator from working overtime.

The best part is, you can still see out and enjoy the beautiful view around you. All while your neighbors can’t see in. Like I said before, I value my privacy, and this product provides that and then some!

No need to worry about the size and dimensions of your RV because all Sunguard RV Windshield Covers are custom made and perfectly tailored to fit your exact year, make, and model Class A motorhome.

The best part is, the Sunguard comes with simple instructions that are easy to follow and won’t give you a headache.

Made of 94% Hi-Density material, backed by a 12 Year Factory Warranty, AND a 30-day return policy, I think you’ll be happy with your purchase. And if you’re not, then you can easily send them back for a refund.

Strapped for Cash? DIY: How to make an RV Windshield Cover for under $50!

Courtesy of Aron Jemison


RV Windshield covers play a significant role when it comes to protecting your RV and giving yourself some privacy, especially when you park in public places. It’s practically impossible to list ALL options available, but the information and links in this article are definitely a great start!

I hope this guide makes your search easier.

Be sure to also pick up a few sets of RV Tire Covers with UV Protection, and for MAXIMUM protection during storage, an RV Shelter Peak Style Canopy.

– RV Must Haves


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